July 2014 Trial thoughts….

I think this truly was one of the best trials Saige and I had together… she was so good. Startlines like she has had them her entire life….she was SUCH a teammate. Bonus work that was amazing… she did everything I asked of her which was not always correct but she did it LOL We had a handful of courses that had bonus opportunities and we got two that are submitted for review… the others were all simply near misses. I even got to practice some Champ techniques on getting back on course with a wait and redirect. It truly felt GREAT!!! I truly am one of the luckiest people to have such a dog…….

Paisley got to play with me a bit but her funnest runs were with a JH Savanna Graves (Gabby Graves little sister). They did great and I know Paisley had fun and am pretty sure Savanna did too!

I got to run Brina for mom this weekend as well and she was a very good girl. I always forget just how fun she is!!!

Chili was in heat so she was in jail in a corner

I got to run a couple friends dogs in a few runs…. Zeeta for Anne Murray and I swear I am gonna steal that dog!!!! Except that I think she kinda likes her mom…. And Mattie for Lori Idland…. she is such a cutie pie and actually did really well for me!!!

It is a great compliment to me when someone asks me to run their dog…. and of course I just LOVE it!!

All in all it was a terrific weekend…. blessed to have such opportunities, friends, and dogs…………. — feeling blessed.

February 2014 BA Trial

Well the weather didn’t help much for our out of towners to get to come play L  Bummer… we will try to do a couple more of these this year… maybe the weather will cooperate better!!!

We did have some hardy people come to play and we actually had a really fun time!  A big patio heater and a couple of big little buddies helped keep us smiling!

Here are our brags:

Spy Cromwell BA level 1 Title (first NADAC title)
Chili Biggers got her very first NADAC Q (got 2 in fact J )
Gidget Lukenbill Q’ed in both rounds level 1
Cooper Cromwell (Qper) Q’ed in both rounds level 1
Durango Young BA Level 2 Title
Saige Biggers BA Level 2 Title
Paisley Biggers BA Level 2 Title
Brina Kinney (first BA Q Bobbi and Brina got together) Level 2
Zeeta Murray Q’ed in both rounds Level 3

Thank you so much to our tester judges Billie Kerans and Anne Murray for withstanding the cold so we could all play with our dogs!!

Results Champs 2013

Well another Championship has come to an end… the trip home was long and tiring but having a National Championship to our name made it easier.

Saige was simply…. incredible.  She always steps it up during the champs event but this year she stepped it up beyond anything I have ever seen her do.  Just thinking about the teamwork we had makes me have goosebumps.

She won 5 of the 7 rounds.  Got a second and a third in the others.  Our finals run was…. well…. a “bomb” but neither of us cared as we both came off laughing with big smiles LOL  She ended up being the SilverStakes Champion.

Paisley did well in the PreChamps events and on her team.  She struggled during the champs courses…. the last time we were there a person hid behind a tunnel and popped up scaring the crap out of her and she remembered 🙁  We struggled thru most of the courses and I ended up scratching her from one round as a photographer was sitting in a position that I knew would bother her.  We will see how things go before entering her next year.  I dont want her to not have fun…..

I ran Brina, my moms dog, this year as well.  I entered her in Triple Crown.  She did well placing from 2nd to 6th in every round.  She ended up 5th overall.