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July 2014 Trial thoughts….

I think this truly was one of the best trials Saige and I had together… she was so good. Startlines like she has had them her entire life….she was SUCH a teammate. Bonus work that was amazing… she did everything I asked of her which was not always correct but she did it LOL We had a handful of courses that had bonus opportunities and we got two that are submitted for review… the others were all simply near misses. I even got to practice some Champ techniques on getting back on course with a wait and redirect. It truly felt GREAT!!! I truly am one of the luckiest people to have such a dog…….

Paisley got to play with me a bit but her funnest runs were with a JH Savanna Graves (Gabby Graves little sister). They did great and I know Paisley had fun and am pretty sure Savanna did too!

I got to run Brina for mom this weekend as well and she was a very good girl. I always forget just how fun she is!!!

Chili was in heat so she was in jail in a corner

I got to run a couple friends dogs in a few runs…. Zeeta for Anne Murray and I swear I am gonna steal that dog!!!! Except that I think she kinda likes her mom…. And Mattie for Lori Idland…. she is such a cutie pie and actually did really well for me!!!

It is a great compliment to me when someone asks me to run their dog…. and of course I just LOVE it!!

All in all it was a terrific weekend…. blessed to have such opportunities, friends, and dogs…………. — feeling blessed.