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Lark Memorial Trial

Thanks again to EVERYONE that came to the Circle L Arena to celebrate the life of Lark.  I don’t think I had ever been so nervous to put on a trial…. Wondering if I remembered everything, was I going to do things the way Lark would have wanted them done, was I going to meet the expectations of the awesome GotDog? exhibitors…..

My nerves were over ridden by so much joy as well as sadness throughout the weekend.  Both of Larks dogs that were trialing were there and ran their little hearts out for her.  Pamela and Niners did great as well as Derby running with me…. It was such an honor to let her play once again….

We had a GREAT BBQ Saturday evening with lots of laughs.  Lark loved BBQs.

Our raffle and donatoins that came in raised over $1260 for Larks Memorial Fund!

Jean McCreight sponsored the “Lark Pollari Memorial Highest Scoring Rescue Dog” and our recipient was Rachelle Jensen and Tikvah.  The list of rescues running was a complete page….. Lark loved rescue dogs and I am sure she would have loved reading that long list that were participating in her trial.

At GotDog? we do what we call “GotDog? Trial Stars”  (HIT) here is our winners:

Intro – Annie and Brandy Morris
Intro Vet – Truk’n and Billie Rosen
Novice – Chili and Jeannie Biggers
Novice Vet – Zephyr and Judy Strom
Open – George and Lisa Pertzborn
Open Vet – Kiko and Mike Eggum
Elite – Tikvah and Rachelle Jensen
Elite Vet – Klev’r and Billie Rosen
Judge Janine McGee

What a great group of teams.

We also had LOTS of NATChes earned:

Brady Blue and Carol Scranton V-NATCh 8 and NATCh 9
Cooper and Callie Cromwell NATCh 1
Kestrel and Craig Coonrad V-NATCh 1 and NATCh 3
Miseau and Rachelle Jensen V-NATCh 8

Awesome job to you all!!!

And here is the list of BRAGS:

Timbre Kaiser Elite Reg Title
Truk’n Rosen Intro Reg Title
Julie Van Siclen Nov Chances and Open Weavers
Zephr Strom Nov TNG, Novice Weavers
Sissy Caldwell O Open Chances
Jade Morgan Open Chances, Elite Weavers, Elite Jumpers
Izzie Lang O Elite Weavers
Flurry Randall 5,000 lifetime points
Giggs Ballard Elite Weavers
Annie Morris TNG Novice, Intro weavers, Intro Jumpers
Deizel Anderson Open Chances
Dozer Purcell Intro 1st Q ever!
George Pertzborn O Open Reg
Kiko Eggum Novice All Around
Athena Graves S Nov Chances, Nov Triple Superior
Leisl Francis Nov Jumpers
Alice Pertzborn O Nov Jumpers, Nov Regular
Luz Wichers O Nov Jumpers
Cabo Feisthamel Q in Nov tunnelers after several years off
Granite Nelmark 1st Q EVER
Cinna Leach Open Jumpers
Lady Van Siclen first elite Chances Q
Brady Dillard Open Jumpers
Ripley Kerans O Open Weavers
Chili Biggers  Nov Reg and Nov Tunnelers
Gidget Lukenbill Intro S Reg
Dusty Phelan 1st bonus in jumpers

Amazing all you guys!!!  Job well done I would say 

Hug your friends, hug your dogs and I hope to see you all again next year for the 2nd Annual Lark Pollari Memorial Trial.

To Lark…………

Jeannie Biggers