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Amistad Brina of The West

1/1/2008 – 9/14/2015

It is with the heaviest heart that I update this page…… Brina died unexpectantly at the age of 7.  Meseneric Torsion….. one of the rarest and deadliest things that can happen to a dog.  Only 1.5 weeks before she would have competed in the NADAC Championships…. in the prime of her life.

Brina was my moms dog… but felt so much like one of my own.  I got the pleasure of running her in Agility.

Brina ended her life with some amazing accomplishments to her name:

  1.  First and foremost she was the best companion to my mom and dad.  She was my dads riding in the mountains buddy.
  2. She is a NADAC Hall of Fame dog in 3 Catagories
    1. Elite Superior Versatility Dog
    2. Elite All Around Award Dog
    3. NATCh 5+ Dog
      1. Brina was a Nadac Agility Trial Champion 3 times
      2. as well as a Versatility Nadac Agility Trial Champion 3 times
  3. She was in the NADAC top ten yearly lists every year in most of the classes.

Rest In Peace Brina Brat…. we loved you with all our hearts………..