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Agility League

GotDog? Agility League

Looking for a new, fun and different way to play agility?  Want to play against teams across the nation or internationally?  Want to win money?  

We are bringing a new twist to the agility world.  Facilities, teams and individuals will all play for a League pool of money each league session!

Facilities can nominate themselves as a GAL’s location.  They will pay in $X (to be determined) and their facility will be listed as a choice for individuals to indicate they are running for that facility.  During the League session, scores from those individuals will be summed up and averaged.  The highest average Facility will be the Champions.  Depending on entries, payouts could go down, for example, to 4 places.

We also will have Teams.  Individuals will create a team of 3 dogs.  Each Team will have their own self created name (names may be used each session).  Each Team will pay in $X (to be determined) which will go into the Team winnings pot.  Dogs on the team can be of any height.  Individual scores will be added together and the team with the highest score will be the Team Champions.  Depending on entries, payouts could go down, for example, to 4 places.  (note: in the future as the League grows we may break teams into height groups)

Individuals will pay in $X (to be determined) for each session.  Depending on entries, we will break down the dogs into height groups.  So for example we could have a small group, medium group, large group and X-large group.  We will pay out Champions in each group.  Depending on entries, payouts could go down, for example, to 4 places.

You may use your height cards from any of the major agility organizations.  We will not require height cards but if we question the dogs height we may ask for it.  You will be able to jump your dog at the height you jump them in any of the major agility organizations using their jump height rules.

Each League Session will be 12 weeks long.  During a session, 6 courses will be put up on the website for you to download, set and run.  1 every 2 weeks. The style of courses will vary. For example, the course may be a Regular or Standard type, or a Jumpers course, or one with more contact performances or more weave performances than normal. 

The league course will be set and you MUST VIDEO it on the VERY first run.  That is your league run.  You then will upload to YouTube and submit your run via a form on our website.  For example… a facility could set the league course and have a league run time.  1 person could video all league players and submit each run on one form.  No payment at submittal because you have already entered that league session.  EVERY run must be submitted even if you have faults.

PLEASE NOTE: If during the time of judging the video runs, we feel you are not submitting first runs, or the course is set short, we reserve the right to disqualify you, your team and the facility you run under.  

Scoring will be time and faults.  You will have Base points X (to be determined) minus your faults, minus your time which gives you your score for that league run.

All scores will be posted weekly on the website so you can keep track of where you, your team, and facility are sitting in the standings!

Equipment to be used:  A Frame and Dogwalk (any surface that is accepted in any of the major agility organizations), Weave poles (both 12 and 6), jumps, tunnels (15’ or 20’), hoops (which can be substituted with jumps), and barrel (possible).