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We now have an obedience trainer at GotDog? LLC

Andrea Layne is now offering Private and Semi-Private Obedience Lessons. Family Manners is the main focus. Call today or fill out the contact form below. 208.412.0660

Andrea Layne is a lifelong dog trainer, performance dog and horse enthusiast. She started out training and competing with her reining and cutting horses. Along the way she has worked with hunting dogs, Police K-9s, and Schutzhund dogs. She spent many years teaching dog obedience and helping pet owners experience the fun and joy of owning a well-behaved companion. Andrea spent 30 years as a Paramedic and raised 4 beautiful children before discovering the dog breed and the work that would spark her passion and excitement and lead her down a brand new path of raising livestock and raising and training the Border Collies that she loves. Now retired from her Paramedic position, she devotes her time to her children, grandchildren, her livestock operation, and caring for and training her herding dogs.