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gotdoglogo_2001.bmpIf you would like to post our informational flyer in your place of business:
please click here >> Agility Class Flyer <<  Thanks!

If you are interested in a private or would like to schedule a seminar in your area, please contact me at or
(406) 580-8098.

GotDog? has made some changes to the classes that we will be teaching.  GotDog? has teamed up with the local club, Galloping Dog Agility Club.  The GDAC will be offering 2 classes, Agility 1.0 and Agility 2.0, as well as specialized classes.  Agility 1.0 is the same as GotDogs Principals and Agility 2.0 is GotDogs Preperations.  GotDog will be teaching the Proficiencies and Distance classes.  We are all excited to try out this new format.   We are hoping for more consistent scheduling of classes to be offered and the ability to get more people involved in the sport we all love so much!

Contact Jeannie if you have any questions!

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