Tear Drop

Thanks for coming and playing tonight everyone!  I really enjoyed the exercises I set so I put them on CRCD and will load them here 🙂

First the easy looking “tear drop”


And then we expanded upon it!

teardrop expandedI did not number this one because as you saw… there is sooo many things you can do with it!


We worked on discriminations and what the correct body language is for each.  Here is our little exercise we did…


hoop discrimination

Here is our bullets we talked about:

  • Remember to use the correct foot at the startline.
  • If you insist on using “ok” or something else then your directional of “get out” or “come in” then you must set your dog back farther at the startline or you will be late late late by the time you get your directional out!
  • Dont forget that “pause” for the come in.
  • You need to know your dog and beable to read their commitment point!

Serps vs 180s

I hope over the last couple of classes you all have really gotten to know the difference between a serpentine and 2 180s.  They really are two different things!  Here is the sequence we set to work and identify each…


Got Back?

Last nights session was awesome you guys!

I hope you all now can go out and decipher if a sequence is a serpentine or 2 180’s.  They really are truly two different “things” and need to be handled differently…. especially from a distance 🙂  Lets talk more about them if they are still a little unclear!

I will be honest… I didnt know if all the dogs could do or be away from you enough to even practice backs…. I was super excited when you all stepped up to the challenge and were nailing the exercises!!!

I think the biggest thing that came out of last night is this…

There is absolutely not 1 way to do everything!  Each handler and each dog may need something just a bit different to be the most effective.

I loved hearing you all discussing what you thought your dog needed from you to understand the “back”.  Each of you tried a little something different each time and by the end I think you were a lot closer to knowing what exactly you needed to do!  It was awesome!!!!

2014 Goals?

As we enter 2014 I am curious to know what kind of goals each of you have for the upcoming year.  Are you shooting for a superior in a class?  Are you almost to a NATCh?  Are you wanting to go to Champs in Utah?

What are your goals?  They can be big or small!!  I would love for you each to take some time to think about this then post back here.  I think it is good for us all to have goals!

My goals:

Paisley – I want to run her at Champs this year and I want her to have fun!!

Saige – I want to get a few 20 point regular Qs and solidify our start lines

Chili – LOL maybe enter a trial???  Must get her trained up!!!

My Homework!

So as I learn from others and get input and “things” that I need to work on I thought I would post them for you guys!

After submitting a couple videos into Sharon to get them approved for bonus lines I got an email back about my startlines with Saige… imagine that right?!?!  Sharon does admit they are getting better but, to put it in her words, “the shit just needs to stop!”

So I am working on something that is being covered in her seminar forum….. “over the top dogs”.  You teach a behaviour 100%.  So this is my homework video I sent in for review.  Saiges behaviour is to sit no matter what when I ask… you can see she struggles a bit but this is only the second time we have tried it!  I will continue this with her until she will sit no matter what!  And Chili… well Chili has so much more background in impulse control that she just rocks… and I think all the herding I do with her helps as well 🙂

Our dogs make the BEST teachers!

We had a great little session last night!  Just a couple people were able to come due to having to drive thru/past/around Livingston, the Blizzard capital of the world right now!

We set a nice basic course that included 1 tunnel and 6 hoops and it kept us working the entire hour and we didn’t make it to all the variations of it!!  Goes to show that you don’t have to set up BIG courses to get some GREAT working time in!

Even Chili got to play and oh how she keeps ME honest!  I find I get lazy with her and she reminds me that I cannot do that 🙂  What that tells me is that I must be lazy with Saige as well…. but Saige covers my ass because we have been a team for so long and she “gets” me!  So my goal with Saige is to not make her CMA anymore and try really hard to be 100% with her as I have to be with Chili.  Dogs are the BEST teachers!!

We got to “feel” how awesome it is when we are with our dogs and not ahead of them, we worked thru poop eating :), some intimidation of a tunnel with a switch, we talked about what body language we need to “get thru a box”, and we even got a little deep into a conversation of how the commands you would use totally change depending on which side of a hoop you are and how different it looks to our dogs.

Looking forward to next week and hopefully better weather!

tunnel pin wheel with serp

tunnel pin wheel


For some reason I have been a little obsessed about rear end awareness with Chili since she was a pup.  A big test as to whether they truly understand where their little butts and hind feet are is to have them perform a handstand.  I have done sooo much work with her and her understanding of it that it literally took less than 1 minute to get her to perform a handstand… here is the video…