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Live with your Dog!

This is an article I wrote for the NADAC Newsletter May 2013

Live with your Dog

As I sat in the middle of my rock gardens in the unfenced front yard picking weeds the other day… I looked up and just watched my three dogs. I watched them roam around as they watched passer byers on foot, bicycle, horseback, and car.

It amazes me how they seem to “know” the property boundary. The feeling of pure joy and a great sense of being proud came over me. Those few hours the 4 of us spent that afternoon were priceless.

Agility really is such a small part of having “an agility” dog in your life. The amount of time we spend with these wonderful partners on an agility course really has no comparison to the time we spend with them in life.

I am the one that lives with my dogs 24 hours a day…not my instructor, not the person that wrote the article, not the seminar instructor etc. These people can only give suggestions on what things have worked for them with their dogs and how they “enjoy” living with their dogs.

Just because they may not agree with how you do something, train something, or how you live with your dog doesn’t always mean you are wrong.

It is wonderful that these people take the time to share their experiences but don’t let it get you down if one doesn’t agree with how IMG_1548you do something.

The journey that our dogs will take us on is incredible. Don’t stop learning from them or force them to be who they are not. Be inspired by and proud of where you have been and where you are going as a team.

Enjoy each and every moment you get to “live” with them.