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Chilis firsts

Tomorrow Chili and I have a couple of “firsts”.  The first first is she is enrolled in an agility seminar presented by my good friend Keri Daun!  Then we beat feet over to a place called Murphys Rest and we do our first herding trial which is just the Herding Capability Test but still our first herding trial that we are attending!!  She isnt old enough to do “real” herding yet 🙂

1 thought on “Chilis firsts

  1. What a great weekend…. had a wonderful morning on Saturday playing in the Keri Daun seminar at mBarking. Then we went over to Murphys Rest for our first leg of AHBA HCT. Chili passed with flying colors and the judge could not believe she was only 8 months old 🙂 Saturday evening we had a great dinner with the judge and the Murphys Rest Crew. Sunday I helped with timing and scribing for the trial dogs then Chili and I got to do our second leg of the HCT. She again passed even after I messed up on the recall… argh . BUT now little miss MISR Chili is now a titled herding dog 🙂 Video of Chili

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