Bruce Vincent Memorial 2015

Thank you to everyone that came to support our 4th of July Celebration Bruce Vincent Memorial Trial. It was a very fun trial with lots of great dogs and handlers.

Each trial we award our Trial Stars. Huge congrats to all these teams:

Intro – Bailey Koeppen
Intro Vet – Shelby Roessner
Novice – Oreo LeCours
Novice JH- Ice Oestmann
Novice Vet – Truk’n Rosen
Open – Pagan Roessner
Open Vet – Zephyr Strom
Elite – Durango Young
Elite Vet – Brina Biggers

Brags for the trial:
Flurry Randal – V-NATCh #5!!!
Oreo – Novice Regular
Sally – Novice TNG
PJ – Open Weavers
Pagan – S-Novice TNG, S-Novice Tunnelers
Truk’n – Novice Jumpers and Chances
Annie – 1st trial, 1st run, 1st Q. Intro Regular
Jester – OMG He made it….. 1000 Lifetime points! O-Open Tunnelers
Wyatt – Open Weavers
Zeeta – S-Elite Regular
Dozer – First Regular Q! First TNG Q!
Bailey – O-Intro Regular, O-Intro TNG
Ice – Novice Chances
Durango – Elite Vers, Elite TNG
Nero – Novice TNG and Chances
Crumpet – Intro TNG
Zephyr – Open Chances
Ripley – S-Open Chances

On Saturday afternoon we played some Team Games with all proceeds going to SCAF. We raised $220 with the games and $1000 in total with the raffle and silent auction!!!

The games were a blast and our 2nd place team was Red, White, and Blue (Saige Biggers and Flurry Randal) and our Champion Team was Fit To Be Tyed (Saige Biggers and Brina Biggers handled by Karin Bell!)

Thanks again to everyone for coming, all your help before, during, and after the trial, and your generosity to help raise money for SCAF.



Chilis First Herding Trial

Last weekend I took Chili to her very first official herding trial.  It was an ASCA sanctioned trial.  I entered Cattle, sheep, and ducks…. three full days…. 2 runs each for a total of 6 runs per day…. yeah yeah yeah… what was I thinking??  LOL

She did great.  On the first day she got her started cattle and sheep titles.  She got her duck title on Sunday.  I kept her in started to finish the weekend and she came away with 3 cattle, 5 sheep, and 4 duck qualifying runs.  She also won the “Most Promising Started”.  She also won the highest scoring started dog on Monday.

Very proud of her 🙂