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Winter is here!

During the winter I find myself having to find ways to entertain and keep my dogs in physical condition.  I actually REALLY like this time of year…. actual agility training goes way back on the farthest burner and the teaching tricks and learning more about physical conditioning begins.  I do physical things like a bit of treadmill but mostly peanut, disc, wobble board etc. but mostly I do brain games.

I play lots of different games with the dogs individually or make it a group game depending on what I am doing.  As I do things and teach my dogs things this winter I will try to post them here.

So since we haven’t gotten to meet for a couple weeks your homework is to teach your dog a “new” trick or performance.  For example this week Chili is learning to “pick things up” for me.  I will push this thru all sorts of different items as well as getting her to put it in my hand.  She is actually doing quite well but I want to get it 100%.

Today she also learned how to give me “5” or “10” whichever I ask for.  All these silly little games you play and tricks you teach just strengthens your bond, your understanding of how your dog learns, your dog learning the way you teach, them learning how important verbals are and of course conditions the brain.

Good luck and have fun!!!