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Herding with Chili

This little red border collie that has come in to my life has brought so much joy, learning, and new experiences for me.  My herding instructor Barb and I have become such close friends thru this, it just really is all so very special to me.

This past weekend Barb and I took Chili and her young dog and our foster dog to Idaho to “see cattle” for the first time.  Well Chilis first time, Denims second and Jazz got to see goats for the first time!  Steve brought us 3 yearling bulls to work and they were just perfect, plus 3 goats to warm up on and let Jazz play.

Jazz – she did great and we were all surprised at her ability.  She still had a few little issues with the “new person” Steve but she really wanted to work.  It was such an awesome new experience for her!

Denim – she really turned on with confidence and did GREAT!  She got right in there with the bulls both heads and heels.  It was so wonderful to see the BIG smile on Barbs face 🙂   She is one of the coolest little Aussies I know!

Chili – I could not believe how calm and in control she was.  Very much turned her brain on and kept herself safe!  My stomach was in my throat and I dont think I breathed the entire first session she had with Steve!  She was strong and would down at their heads… she got to where she could move them without the assistance of a wonderful dog named Levi (he was there with Steve to keep Chili safe and I soooo appreciated that!!!)  She had great distance, knowing when she needed to stay out and when to come in.  She even did some wall work finding her hole to push thru.  It was really fun watching her work beside Levi… her eyes lit up when Steve would send them both the same directions.  I think she has a crush on Levi now 😉

Looking forward to another first with Barb in a couple weeks… we are taking Chili and Denim to their first ASCA herding trial in Frenchtown.  I am sure Barb, Denim, and Chili will do great… I hope I can hold my nerves together enough to help Chili out!!!