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Chilis First NADAC Agility Trial

Well my little girl is growing up…. bitter sweet for sure.  I entered her in her first NADAC agility trial this past weekend at the RAD trial.  Lark was supposed to be her first judge she ran under 🙁

I had originally entered her in just Regular and Chances but I ended up adding a few other classes.  She got a Hoopers, Regular, Touch N Go, and two weavers Q’s.  I was not going to run her in weavers at all because she just is learning at home…. typical thing you hear “my dog can weave at home”!!  Well she surprised me and got it in the first round first try.  I thought it was a fluke but still put her in the next day and sure as shit she weaved again on the first try.

It was a very fun weekend with some GREAT training opportunities with her.

I love this little girl so much… she is a blast to live with and she is an amazing herding dog.  Her liking agility is just icing on the cake for me 🙂