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Champs 2013

Well it is that time of year again…. NADAC Championships in Springfield Illinois!!  The trip is 1400+ miles one way.  Mom is making the trip with me again thank goodness 🙂

I will be running Saige in the Stakes division, Brina in 16″ Triple Crown, and Paisley in 12″ Vet.

Every year I feel like there is just sooo much more I need to train before heading out but instead I just give my dogs time off… let them be dogs and hang out.  I mean really, what can I teach them in less than a month anyways!!!  I actually do more conditioning this time of year than any other…. we go for hikes, swim, stretch etc.  I actually quite enjoy this time of year 🙂

Like years past, I have no expectations…. that way if something goes in my favor I am extremely happy… not let down from putting too much pressure on myself or my dogs.

I will try to post here as the week progresses…. will see how that goes…. 🙂